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1 Outstanding Mecrisp-Stellaris intro using a STM32F103 powered “Blue-Pill”
2 My Embedded Forth Language on Arm based STM32F0 - The IDE
3 My Embedded Forth Language on Arm based STM32F0 - IDE Error Handling
4 My stepper driver demo


Video 1: Around 7:00 the author states that he doesn’t like the STM32F Datasheet, and for the STM32F103 I agree, the GPIO data is very confusing, but remember, this was their FIRST ARM chip and was 10 years old back in 2017. Compared to this chip, the STM32F0xx GPIO is a breeze to configure. He also tries to enable the GPIO (and uses the wrong address) but with Mecrisp-Stellaris ALL THE GPIOS are enabled by default so you don’t need to do this. The GPIO’s are mostly set to the default INPUT mode, apart from some Alternate Function pins such as a USART used for Terminal communications.

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