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Example STM32 Boards supported by Mecrisp-Stellaris

See HERE the full list of Supported Chips and Boards.

STM32F Discovery Boards

STM32F0 Discovery Board


Negatives: The pins on top are short which makes plug on leads unreliable and this board does not come with a RTC xtal.


NUCLEO-F411RE Discovery Board


Very Cheap Chinese STM32F103C8T6 Boards


If you would like to flash a Mecrisp-Stellaris image which will enable you to use the USB connector on these boards as USB/Serial bridge see this Jeelabs page:- https://jeelabs.org/2017/09/enabling-usb-on-a-blue-pill/

STM32F103C8T6 ‘Blue Pill’

See this excellent webpage for detailed information: http://wiki.stm32duino.com/index.php?title=Blue_Pill


A friend bought seven of these recently (2018) from two Amazon vendors, and 100% were faulty. Amazon returned her money and she bought two STM32 Nucleos from Amazon, both worked perfectly.


‘Blue Pill’ Pinout Graphic by Rick Kimball


Shenzhen-LC “mini STM32F103C8T6-board”


I bought 10 of these in 2014 for $9 each, all worked perfectly. I think Shenzhen-LC is a decent manufacturer.


Why not make your own ?


Hand soldered on a $0.20 header board.