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15 Mar 2019: Why are Atmel Sam series Arm chips (used by Arduino) problematic to port to Mecrisp-Stellaris ?

26 Feb 2019: A brand new 28 byte Blinky in pure Assembly Language for the STM32F0 Discovery Board by the Wizard of Assembly, Matthias Koch.

4 Feb 2019: A special svd2forth for the Blue Pill (svd2forth-v3-STM32F103C8T6-1.0.zip) that uses Jeelabs Word syntax i.e. “RCC-CR” instead of my default “RCC_CR”

16 Jan 2019: Started a new page for Fixed Point Examples(s31.32)

15 Jan 2019: Added Degrees F printout to The LMT01 Temperature Sensor

10 Jan 2019: Autobaud Mod for a STM32F0xx Kernel

10 Jan 2019: Colourize your terminal ERROR MESSAGES with RED for CRITICAL and BLUE for warnings. This makes Source Code errors much more visible, hence easier to see as they upload to the target.

09 Jan 2019: This project displays up to three LMT01 Temperature Sensor readings in degrees C and F to one decimal place. It could read as many sensors as the MCU has available ports.

05 Jan 2019: A New, Easy Integrated Cloning Method

02 Jan 2019: Expansion of the INLINE Word Examples in the Glossary showing INLING differences between RA and Classic Kernels.

24 Dec 2018: Matthias Koch Christmas Special: CortexM WFI Insight Words for us!

23 Dec 2018: How Does Mecrisp-Stellaris deal with Random Access Memory ? Create a Free Ram program.

20 Dec 2018: Multitasking, STMF0 Discovery Board Push Button Press Counter using Interrupts DEMO:. I hope the new layout makes it easier to grok STM32 Interrupt usage.

20 Dec 2018: Stack sizes and how to change them

20 Dec 2018: Manipulate Your Stack with Forth Wizard by Peter Sovietov

20 Dec 2018: Added RA Kernel Page. Don’t have The Register Allocator Kernel for your MCU ? convert your Classic Kernel to RA by yourself!

20 DEC 2018: Roll and -Roll Words included in the RA Kernels (only).

19 Dec 2012: STMicroelectronics STM32F01x Interrupt and Exception Vectors

12 Dec 2018: Blocks, the Forth File System

10 Dec 2018: Do you have a MCU not listed in the suported hardware list but want to try Mecrisp-Stellaris on it ? See the Porters Guide.

8 Dec 2018: YouTube Videos you may find interesting.

6 Dec 2018: Word Flag Codes added to the Dictionary.

5 Dec 2018: Stepper Motor Demo, including a short YouTube Video.

4 Dec 2018: Forth for the Numworks Open Source Calculator.

2 Dec 2018: Stair Stepping, what is it, and how is it fixed ?

30 Nov 2018: A Modern Forth IDE, including a short YouTube Video.

27 Nov 2018: Added the Cornerstone Word to the Glossary with an example.

21 Nov 18: Added a svd2forth for the Nordic MCUs get it here. Release contains memmap.fs and bitfields.fs for the NRF51 and the newly supported nrf52840 MCU (24Nov2018).

20 Nov 18: All the Svd2forth tarballs are now in the one location here. They include STM32Fxx versions 1 -3, Tiva TM4C1294NCPDT and MSP430xx

18 Nov 2018: Do you have a Favorite MCU that you’d like to run Mecrisp-Stellaris on but it’s not in the supported hardware list?

18 Nov 2018: My favorite Mecrisp-Stellaris Kernel hacks

15 Nov 2018: Low Power on STM32F0

5 Nov 2018: Run Forth on a MSP430 MCU with 500 Bytes of Flash (or less) ! Mecrisp-Across Unofficial Documentation (A Tethered MSP430 Forth) added to this server.

25 Oct 2018: Updates to my Forth Development Environments Blog

25 Oct 2018: Forth Register Pack for the STM32F103C8T6 (‘Blue Pill’ and ‘Shenzen Mini Arm’ etc). It contains all the memory mapped registers, bitfields and a Readme.tx. All register names are CMSIS compliant DOWNLOAD stm32f103c8t6-regpack.zip (78KB)


The STM32F103C8T6 regpack is built from the ARM STM32F103XX CMSIS-SVD which has every peripheral possible for the STM32F103XX family. Some of these peripherals are NOT present in the 48 pin STM32F103C8T6. I have removed many of them, such as the DAC,FSMC, extra GPIO’s and Timers but if you’re familiar with the STM32F103C8T6 and find errors, please email me.

17 October 2018: Official Freenode Mecrisp-Stellaris IRC channel created: chat.freenode.net #mecrisp-stellaris

28 Jun 2018: Updated the Supported Hardware Page adding Cypress and Analog Devices MCU’s. Updated the Forth Interactive Alternatives page.

8 June 2018: Updated the Executing/Inlining Assembly/Machine Code Page with a blinky comparison, one in assembler, one in Forth, which is smallest, which is easiest to write ?

1 June 2018: Updated the Inline Assembly/Machine Code Page with a workflow example.

30 May 2018 Programming Language Benchmarks Some Speed Comparisons.

25 May 2018: Svd2forth-v3 released. Peripheral Register Pretty Printing with Legends for easier real time development and debugging.


13 May 2018: Bugfix release of svd2forth-v2 (svd2forth-v2.1.0.zip). Old version (svd2forth-v2-6ba968d6f6.tar.gz) was leaving data on the stack after printing register contents.

29 Apr 2018: A rewritten, stand alone 460800 Baud 48Mhz clock for the STM32F0 Discovery Board. It uses the Xtal Clock from the SWD subsystem but can easily be configured to use the onboard RC 8 MHz Internal Clock for any STM32F0xx.

27 Apr 2018: A ready built Kernel with CTS hardware handshaking at 406800 Baud for hardware Sourcecode Error Detection.

14 Apr 2018: Added a Compiler Message Table to the Dictionary page.

24 Mar 2018: Get a Nokia 5110 lcd display up and running, to ‘all pixels on’ test stage using Mecrisp-Stellaris, with code and Logic Analyser pictures of the data and control signals.

19 Mar 2018: Potentiometer driven comparator Window Mode Example on a STM32F0 Disco Board. The code runs standalone.

17 Mar 2018: Update to the 1mS Timer, it’s now standalone. Used to time software and hardware events.

16 Mar 2018: Code Reviews and Libraries, a short Rant.

25 Feb 2018: A Sunrise and Sunset Calculator project by Andrew Palm.

25 Feb 2018: A square root, trig, and inverse trig functions for 64bit Fixed point (s31.32) numbers library by Andrew Palm.

21 Dec 2017: A STM32F0 Discovery Board Interrupt Program using the USER pushbutton. It’s standalone, upload and run it.

19 Oct 2017: What are the Forth (interactive) Embedded Alternatives on Cortex M and how much Flash do they require to run ?

29 Sep 2017: Updates to the Example STM32 Boards supported by Mecrisp-Stellaris page. New boards and more pics added.

28 Sep 2017: Updated the how to flash Mecrisp-Stellaris page.

27 Sep 2017: Updated Folie Serial Terminal Information. This Terminal is made just for Mecrisp-Stellaris and has some unique features, such as bootloader Image payload.

26 Sep 2017: Do you use MSP430 ? Svd2mecrisp is now available for MSP430xx.

17 Sep 2017: Svd2forth-v1 uses a ARM CMSIS-SVD XML file, to produce a Mecrisp-Stellaris Memory Map and Register reference file for a STM32Fx MCU. Svd2forth-v1 creates bare bones, minimal files with no extra pretty Register printing Words like svd2forth-v2.

12 Sept 2017: Manfred Mahlow’s VOCS is included in the latest Mecrisp-Stellaris release.

09 Sept 2017: Analog To digital 19ch scanner. Version 2, is a ADC all channel scanner, no DMA, no interrupts, using only a spin delay to wait for the end of conversion sequence(s). It works by scanning each channel and pushing the results on the Stack. After a conversion sequence of 19 channels is finished, it pops the results off the stack, scales and displays them.

01 Sept 2017: Interactive Assembly Language

21 August 2017: How to clone a Mecrisp-Stellaris image from a existing STM32F MCU or Board

27 July 2017:Vocabularies , details and demo by Manfred Mahlow

22 July 2017: A EPUB ebook of this site, (generated automatically by Sphinx). File URL’s won’t resolve as it’s a ebook, but everything else should be ok.

22 July 2017: This example prints some GPIO Modes, i.e. IN, OUT, ANALOG etc, to demonstrate the versatility of <builds does>, often described as the ‘jewel of forth’.

15 July 2017: Benchmark your Forth MCU. Confirm that a standard STM32F051 is 6.7 times faster** than a Mega328 as used by Arduino, or 13.3 times faster when overclocked!

12 July 2017: Svd2forth-v2 updated (release-6ba968d6f6). In addition to Peripheral print Words, there are now individual Register print Words and Register BitField fetch Words.

04 July 2017: Push button switch debounce demo

02 July 2017: A new Svd2gas assembler version and the smallest Blinky binary file we can make, just 32 bytes.

16 June 2017: Mecrisp-Stellaris Interrupt mechanism documentation updated.

11 June 2017: svd2forth-v2 updated. Register ‘access type’ added to register prints.

June-2017: A video page, for interesting and informative videos about Mecrisp-Stellaris.

May-2017: Mecrisp-Stellaris comes with a set of Common Programs, this work in progress attempts to describe them.

May-2017: A Forth Development Environment

May-2017: Forth Development Tips

May-2017: Visualising The Forth Stack, or “The Stack is doing my head in !”

May-2017: A Forth loadmeter

May-2017: Kernel patches; modify the Mecrisp-Stellaris source, change the terminal USART, add hardware handshaking, simplify the Stack print word ”.s”

May-2017: A (small) library of development words

May-2017: Writing STM32 assembly? ... Svd2gas is designed to handle register names and memory mapping, to make your coding easier and less error prone

May-2017, Updated: hardware flow control for your serial terminal

April-2017: Seven blinkies; simple spinners, multi-tasking, interrupt driven and one assembly language Blinky. If you’d like to see another kind, just contact me

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