Undefined Behaviour ?

Q1) “Unhandled interrupt 0000000X !” over and over again in the terminal when you power up the board.
One possible reason is that the Flash memory contained other code when you loaded Mecrisp-Stellaris, and the flash method you used ‘automatically’ erased enough Flash memory for Mecrisp-Stellaris, but didn’t erase the previous code area. What needs to be done is a block erase before loading Mecrisp-Stellaris.
Q2) I’ve just flashed a new version of Mecrisp-Stellaris and my old Words are still there !
Is this a bug or a feature ? Actually it has nothing to do with Mecrisp-Stellaris and the answer is exactly the same as in Q1) above. If you want to completely remove your old Words you need to do a block erase of the board Flash memory.

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