Hardware Requirements

  1. TM4C1294 Tiva Connected Launchpad (Host)
  2. MSP-EXP430G2 Board or a standalone MSP340 MCU
  3. PC, RPI etc running Unix of some kind, Linux is fine but I use FreeBSD in these examples.

Software Requirements

  1. lm4flash this is part of the lm4tools package.
  2. picocom
  3. Mecrisp-Across Distribution here

Install the TM4C1294 binary file

  1. Connect a USB cable from your PC to the TM4C1294 Tiva Connected Launchpad connector U22 in the ‘debug’ area.

2. On your Host, flash the TM4C1294 Tiva Connected Launchpad with the mecrisp-stellaris-tm4c1294-with-mecrisp-across.bin from the Distribution . If your user does not have permission to access USB devices directly, this will need to be run by the superuser.

lm4flash mecrisp-stellaris-tm4c1294-with-mecrisp-across.bin

--> root@gronk:/home/tp/mecrisp-across-0.5-experimental# lm4flash mecrisp-stellaris-tm4c1294-with-mecrisp-across.bin
--> Found ICDI device with serial: 0F0091E7
--> ICDI version: 12245

Connect a Serial Terminal

1. Connect the newly installed Mecrisp-Stellaris to a serial terminal your Host. /dev/cuaU0 is for my FreeBSD workstation, if you use Linux a different device will be needed. If your user does not have permission to access USB devices directly, this will need to be run by the superuser.

picocom -b 115200 /dev/cuaU0 --imap lfcrlf,crcrlf --omap delbs,crlf --send-cmd "ascii-xfr -s -l 70 -n"

Picocom Serial Terminal Commands

Action Command Comments
QUIT <CTL> A Q <CTL> denotes the Control Key
FILE UPLOAD <CTL> A S this command has TAB file completion.


1. Press the TM4C1294 Tiva Connected Launchpad reset button and you should see

Mecrisp-Stellaris 2.3.9 for TM4C1294 by Matthias Koch

2. Type ‘words’ and you should see a long list like this

Address: 000001FC Link: 00000222 Flags: 0000FFFF Code: 00000222 Name: --- Mecrisp-Stellaris Core ---
Address: 00000222 Link: 0000023A Flags: 00000042 Code: 0000022E Name: 2dup
Address: 0000023A Link: 0000024C Flags: 00000062 Code: 00000246 Name: 2drop
Address: 00010F3C Link: 00010F60 Flags: 00000000 Code: 00010F46 Name: @+
Address: 00010F60 Link: 0001105C Flags: 00000000 Code: 00010F78 Name: cross-cornerstone
Address: 0001105C Link: 000173D8 Flags: 00000000 Code: 00011066 Name: new
Address: 000173D8 Link: FFFFFFFF Flags: 00000000 Code: 000173EC Name: Rewind-Across

If you do, then the TM4C1294 Tiva Connected Launchpad is ready.

Connect the TM4C1294 Tiva Connected Launchpad to the MSP-EXP430G2 Board

Connecting the Host and Target

Test the Tether

1. In the Terminal type


After “+jtag” is entered Mecrisp-Across will return the chip type i.e. “Chip erkannt: F201” for a MSP430F2013


The last digit of the F2013 is missing, which is a limitation of the 16 Bit JTAG ID as received from the chip.

2. In the Terminal type ‘words’

Address: 000061EC Flags: --- --- --- Name: hex.
Address: 000060F8 Flags: --- --- --- Name: hex-digit-emit
Address: 00005FD4 Flags: --- --- --- Name: .digit
Address: 00005F00 Flags: --- Inl --- Name: space
Address: 00005E30 Flags: --- Inl --- Name: cr
Address: 00005CC4 Flags: --- --- --- Name: uart-init
Address: 00005BFC Flags: --- Inl --- Name: emit
Address: 000002BC Flags: Imm --- 0-f Name: 1-foldable
Address: 0000027C Flags: Imm --- 0-f Name: 0-foldable
Address: 00000240 Flags: Imm --- 0-f Name: inline
Address: 00000200 Flags: Imm --- 0-f Name: immediate

Note how this list is very different from the Word List we saw above ? This is because we are now talking to the MSP430F2013 Target chip!


Now proceed to Operation

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